Citroen Relay Bull Bar (EC Approved) 2006 Onwards

Stainless Steel-UK Legal A Bar
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Stainless Steel Dimension: 60mm
Standard Of Approval: 2005/66EC



This is a fully legal A bar which uses a patented energy absorbing mounting system designed by engineers in cooperation with scientists from the Tallinn University of Technology. The mounting system is used to attach the A bar on the rigid fittings of the Citroen Relay 2006 Onwards and it uses a unique energy absorbing mounting system which is unique to this brand. This ensures the A bar is as safe as can be. The mounting system is designed so that in normal situations it preserves the rigidity needed for stable fastening of the Eurobar itself.

The EU bull bar is designed to fit the Citroen Relay 2006 Onwards perfectly to ensure that besides improving the safety of passengers and road users it also adds aesthetic appeal.


Stainless steel that contains 18% chromium and 10% nickel and in welded joints it has an even higher chromium and nickel content, almost no other does.

Stable, vibration free

  • The A bar is fastened in such a way it offers a stable and vibration free fastening.

Safe for everyone

  • A deformation gap between the A bar and bumper ? in case of minor impacts the bumper remains undamaged.
  • Avoids damages to the bumper and its fastening caused by excessive load.

Economic replacement

Cost-effective and quick replacement of connection elements after an accident.The mounting element is designed so that in normal situations it preserves the rigidity needed for stable fastening of the A bar. This element will deform only in case of an impact with an external obstacle from a certain direction absorbing thereby part of the impact energy and thereby reducing injuries for the both parties participating in the impact. In case of minor impacts that cause no damage to the A-Bar itself, the deformed mounting element can be replaced with a new one and the original appearance of the product can be restored. Most of our competitors fix Eurobars straight on the plastic bumper of a Citroen Relay 2006 Onwards. But neither a plastic bumper nor its fastening on a vehicle body are designed for installing additional weights. Additional dynamic load applied on a plastic bumper starts weakening its fixtures during longer use and may even deform the shape of the bumper.

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