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Van Bulkheads

We’ve done our homework on van bulkheads and when UK based Van Guard say they produce ‘Quality Commercial Kit’ they are not wrong! In our opinion, they are without doubt the best on the market.

So if you have goods in the back of your van, do yourself, your load and your van a favour by fitting one of our bulkheads.

We supply 3 types of steel bulkheads for vans – solid, punched and a version with a Perspex window. They are easy to fit with most using vehicle mounting points. All told it takes about hour to fit the majority of van bulkheads.

Want us to fit your bulkhead? If you live locally, we’ll sort it out for you. Need help making your selection? Just call our experienced team who will happily point you in the right direction.

Protect the driver and load by fitting a van bulkhead partition

If you have goods in the back of the van, then fitting a bulkhead to your van is a good move! If the van has to brake hard, without a bulkhead, there's nothing to stop the goods in the back flying forward and causing untold damage.

We fit steel bulkheads and can assure you it's an easy job to do

There are 3 different types of bulkhead that we can supply. Solid, punched or with a perspex window in them. They all fit in the same way. Most use the vehicles original mounting points. It takes about an hour to fit the majority of van bulkheads. If you want us to fit your bulk head, please contact us.