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Van Racking

Introducing our latest range of internal van racking systems, carefully created by Vanguard.

We are pleased to present to you our stylish, robust and hassle free racking systems. With its simplicity of installation and assembly this is the perfect system for your personal van or will equally be suitable for a fleet of vehicles. Following extensive examination and study of popular vans - our engineers have produced racking kit solutions that are easy to order and can be fitted with limited skill needed.


  • British manufactured, robust metal van racking systems
  • Fully crash tested
  • Accessories available to complement the racking system and customise for your individual needs
  • Self-assembly. No expert fitting needed.
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Metal van racking that's lightweight yet solid

Van Racking

Aluminium sheet material of 1.5mm thickness accounts for the main body of the racking systems resulting in the units being lightweight and easy to manover. To illustrate, our 3 shelved 1000mm x 1000mm units range between 5-9kgs lighter than the industry leading steel constructed equivalents.
This lightweight construction has many benefits; It makes installation easier due to the reduced handling effort needed to lift and place it.It helps aid with increased load capacity. It lowers fuel consumption; something which is not only an incentive for you financially but is also thoughtful to the environment due to the reduced Co2 emissions in comparison to heavier systems.

Simple to assemble and install
Fittings and fixings are kept to a minimum to reduce complication in building and allows you to build multiple racks/units in a shorter space of time.
The single 2 shelf units have a total of 36 fixings made up of 3 sets of nuts, bolts and washers.
The simplicity of the designs allows for quick, single person assembly in around 20 minutes per unit.
Minimal tools required and all necessary fixings are supplied within the universal fixing kit.

Adaptable and flexible design
The racking has been cleverly designed to allow for true value for money due to the re-configuration qualities of the system. The metal van racking allows for you to add extra shelves, or remove existing ones to accommodate differing sized tools and equipment.
Within the range there are add-on accessories to truly tailor your racking to your needs.
All shelves are height adjustable.

The van racking accessories we currently provide include; non-slip matting, unit height extensions, dividers, additional shelves and plastic bins. Carefully planned use of these accessories can create a low maintenance, organised, easy to use work station free from frustrations of badly stored tools.

The construction and design of the racking makes it easily transferred from the initial van to a new or alternative one - this adds to the longevity of the product and makes it a wise investment.
The shelves are cleverly designed to slope at a slight angle to allow for easy access and storage. The shelves are designed to accommodate the markets most common and generic toolboxes.